March 2012, Monthly Review

Hi all,

Finally, I get to write my monthly review report for March. Since it was raining cats and dogs at Easter, I had the chance to work on my websites. I worked very hard to set up this website and I am very happy to have finished it. I am running two sites now, this one and my German website,

Share Sale Achievement

In my first month in March, I have sold 39 shares of my company. This is an inflow of a total of CHF 3’900 of capital, equal to $ 4’290 / € 3’250 / £ 2’690. Not bad at all.

Website (

I have now integrated a CAPTCHA Service in my online forms, in order to prevent spamming. I decided to use a free service called “reCAPTCHA” from Google.

The term CAPTCHA is defined in Wikipedia as an acronym based on the word “capture” and stands for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”.

In other words, it provides an additional security level for preventing spam by making sure, the person filling out my form is actually a human and not a machine (computer programme). And CAPTCHAs do even more! While solving CAPTCHAs you are actually helping to digitalize books. I found this fascinating and you can read all about it on the reCAPTCHA Homepage.


I have just finished my bachelor thesis (business plan for my company PET TRACER) together with my friend from university. It is currently being proofread and we intend to hand it in on 26.04.2012.


My targets for this month are:

  1. Designing and printing of business cards
  2. Raising capital by selling 50 shares
  3. Contacting 10 different cat / animal institutions
  4. Setting up a new newsletter software
  5. Translation of my story from the German website into English
  6. Setting up a Facebook group for cat lovers

Cat’s Joke

A woman is walking in the park when she sees a man playing chess with his cat. She says to the man: “I can’t believe what I’m seeing, a cat that playing chess, what a clever animal!!” The man replied “Nah lady, this cat’s not clever at all. I’ve beaten it 6 games to 1”. Found on:

I wish you all a nice and productive month.

Kind regards,