My First Share Sale!

On the 16th of March I have sold my first 20 shares to swiss immo point gmbh. This is equal to a space of 2000 pixel on my pixelwall.

I will publish the article about swiss immo point gmbh as soon as their website is finished.

In addition, I managed to get a supporter who bought one share off me, even though he is not a cat owner. He knows me personally and likes the idea of my pixelwall very much. He made me aware that people will support me but do not necessary have a desire to expose themselves on the internet. They also do not wish to post a picture or link to their Facebook account.

Fair enough! I therefore decided that for every share purchased by someone who does not wish to upload a picture himself, I will create a smiley or an image for him. In my supporter list, I will refer to them as private investors and mention the number of shares they purchased.

I am looking forward to selling more shares.

Kind regards,