May 2012, Monthly Review

May 2012, Monthly Review

May was a very successful month for Claudio and myself. We had the opportunity to visit companies and people who showed great interest in our project. Understandably, we were somewhat nervous at the beginning but after a while we got used to it and started to not only enjoy it but even had fun doing it. It was a great experience to talk to some very successful business owners and we learned a lot from them.

Share / Pixel Sale Achievement

This month we managed to sell a total of 141 shares / 14’100 pixels. This is 3 times the amount of the previous two months combined!

We don’t want to miss this opportunity to thank again all our new supporters and investors. The new company logos not only look fantastic but make a great addition to our pixel wall! Do not forget to visit our updated pixel wall and see it for yourself:

More than 500 Website Visitors

Our number of website visitors is continually rising and this is the first month we welcomed more than 500 visitors on our German website alone. As it stands, we have about half the number of visitors on our English site. This is a relatively high number of visitors, considering we had only sent emails to people, spread the news on a word of mouth basis and posted the website on facebook. We are currently not actively promoting our websites on the internet using services such as Google Ads or similar.

Fansite on Facebook

We have already received several “likes“ on our facebook fansite. However, we would be happy to receive many more, so if you do like us, why not take the extra minute and help us by giving us your like on our Facebook fansite: It would make a difference. Thank you!

Cat Jokes

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