Professional Video-Support from Zenith

We are happy to announce that Zenith Cinematography is now represented on our Pixel Wall. Zenith is the company who produced our professional PetTracer video.

Zenith started out in 2010 as a boutique wedding film company to fill a gap in the industry where wedding videos were considered boring and non-stylish. Since their start, founder David Garcia has been working with many other creative minds and in the last twelve months has filmed weddings in France, Ireland, Spain and even as far as India as well as of course England where they are based.

In the last few months Zenith has been involved in making different work for TV, corporate work and even an advert for TV. They will launch their website dedicated to corporate work at some point in early 2013 to cater for the high demand for this type of work.

It is worth taking a look at the Zenith website. Their films are stunning and if you are planning on getting married and would like a film you will want to watch over and over again then do not hesitate to contact them. They only take on a limited number of weddings per year and the summer months are particularly busy. They are fully booked for 2012 but still have some dates available for 2013.

Have a look at their website:

Kind regards,
Claudio & Alan