Half Year Report 2014

Prototyp development

Design-Prototyp GPS Cat CollarIntensive months have passed since we successfully completed the capital increase in January. We immediately picked up work again and continued developing our collar.

With the Prototype 1 all the electronic components were selected, tested and optimized individually. The next stage was completing our Prototype 2. Here we made ​​minor adjustments to the electronic components and then had them working together and tested as a unit. From this we were able to conclude valuable information which will now be used for completing our GPS cat collar.

Re-design of our website

We have now re-designed our website. On the one hand we have updated our Cat with petTracer GPS Cat Collar company “history” and added further milestones and on the other hand we have worked on our “pixel wall” design. By coming closer to our goal of bringing our GPS cat collar onto the market, we have now decided to end the sale of non-voting power shares.

This sales activity helped us make excellent and substantial business contacts, contributing to the welfare of the company. With our new “pixel bar” we want to continue to draw attention to those individuals and companies who have given us their support from the very beginning. At this point again, a big, big thank you to all shareholders!

Sales of shares

Since the re-design of our pixel wall into a “pixel bar”, only a small number of pixels are now left for purchase. So for a small number of petTracer

GPS Cat collar friends and supporters it is the last chance to purchase shares and become part of our project.

We wish you all a nice summer.

Kind regards,
Claudio & Alan