October 2014, Monthly Review

It has arrived!

petTracer with other cat collars

But which of these is the petTracer GPS-cat collar? It looks like any regular cat collar and with less than 23 grams it is ultra light.

We would like to show you in detail the prototype for the second design.petTracer Design Prototype II It comes fully equipped with a regular safety buckle to prevent your cat from getting strangled in case she gets caught somewhere. It has a small ring for fastening an automatic cat flap opener or a bell (see picture). In addition, a clip for tailoring the GPS-cat collar (such as fastening different coloured clips) is included with this version. The collar will now undergo different tests to eliminate any flaws and to optimize the product.

Technical Tests

With our latest prototype, our GPS-cat collar has reached its final size and has excelled in our tests during the past weeks. Accuracy, reception, data transmission and visual representation on our digital map are outstanding. Based on the obtained data with regards to energy consumption, we can predict with great certainty that we will reach our goal of several weeks of battery life. For above reasons we will soon be ready to launch our pre-sale of the petTracer GPS-cat collar.

Beginning of our pre-sale

After several years of intensive researchcat with petTracer gps cat collar and development the launch ofour pre-sale is now only weeks away. But why a pre-sale? We managed to finance our extensive research and development stage with professional investors. We are now completing this stage and are simultaneously setting up the serial production. This way we can save valuable time and speed up the process of delivering the petTracer GPS-cat collar to you. However, we need more capital in order to finance the serial production and for buying all the components of the collar.

We are counting on your support and will provide you with more details of the pre-sale soon.

Kind regards,
Alan & Claudio