Project Update May 2015

Dear all,

TopolinoWe’ve had a very intensive last four months since successfully completing our Indiegogo campaign. Unfortunately we did not progress as much in all areas as we had originally planned. After we completed our engineering work on the flexible print, there was a major issue we had to resolve that consumed quite a bit of time. This caused a delay in the production of our pilot series.

After ending our relationship with our preferred production partner, we had to re-analyse different potential production partners and are now finalizing terms and conditions. We realized that this is a very complex undertaking, as a new production process needs to be invented for moulding the electronics into the cat collar. There is no standard procedure for this.

However, each of these stops, which are now fully resolved, will help us get through the production process more quickly. Since we have already solved this problems they will not occur in the serial production, thus saving us time and money.


Projects, especially hardware development, are a big challenge and unforeseen problems arise making it difficult to keep on track but, on the other hand, there are also great achievements:

  • we are currently undertaking a stress test with our latest prototype.
  • we have received more than 300 inquiries in the last three months for our petTracer GPS cat collar. This tells us that cat owners know that only a high quality GPS cat collar, weighing less than 30g, is suitable for their beloved cats in the long run.

With our latest prototypes we were able to solve some complex problems. We are back on track for producing the most reliable and lightest GPS cat collar, weighing just 25g, allowing permanent tracking of your cat.

Winter has finally passed and cats are eager to go outside again and tour around the neighbourhood. As we have received many inquires for our petTracer GPS Cat collar from cat owners who missed our Indiegogo campaign, we are considering a further possibility to pre-order the cat collar through our website. We are planning to have our shop online by summer.

At this point we regret to say, that we will not be able to deliver the petTracer GPS cat collar to Indiegogo backers in time (31.07.2015). This for the above mentioned reasons. We estimate a delay of roughly 3 to 4 months and we will publish another delivery date when our new production partner can guarantee us a date to prevent further disappointment.

We are of course working very hard to do whatever needs to be done to bring petTracer to you as fast as possible.

Thank you very much for your understanding and patience.
Alan & Claudio