Project Update November 2015

Last month we put the emphasis on the firmware, the production process development and testing.



Through a variety of tests we were able to elicit the configuration parameters which are needed to adjust our power-conserving algorithm. For this we have developed an software which “learns” about cat behaviour and converts the information digitally for further use. This is an ongoing process and the software will continue to improve itself over the coming months.

Production Process Development

After we found out a few months ago that our potential production partner is not able to manufacture our petTracer GPS Cat Collar as requested, we were on the lookout for new manufacturers. Due to the high degree of innovation of the product, many manufacturers are not able to produce our prototype collar (serial production) without significant additional costs. We therefore began to take care of the development of the production process ourselves and acquired the necessary knowledge. In cooperation with other partners we were able to develop several serious quotes and are now in the final phase of evaluation.


We decided to extended our field test throughout January due to having made significant design changes as well as neglecting our web portal a little too much. We will of course test all three main modules (firmware, hardware, web portal) as well as the overall system before we give the “GO” for the pilot series.



By the end of the year we will do a firmware “freeze”. This means no further “major releases”, only minor firmware improvements will be made. No new or further developments.

This week we will prepare special tests. On the one hand, the battery life is elicited in a long-term test (as opposed to extrapolation). This means that we will have a collar permanently in operation for several weeks to solely verify the power consumption. In addition, a “flex test” will be done. A collar will be bent several hundred / thousand times back and forth in order to check it for its sturdiness.

In the new year we will bring our web portal up to date. Additionally, all long-lead items have to be purchased and we need to construct the necessary tools for plastics processing as fast as possible.

We still have lots to do, so let’s tackle it. 🙂

May you all have a beautiful Christmas season.

Kind regards,
Alan & Claudio