Project Update January 2016

We started into the new year with a lot of momentum and have made good progress in many different areas. And it was worth it too!

Accuracy of the track

We’ve managed to increase the accuracy of the GPS track again, and to be honest, we are very impressed!

Spur_petTracer_28.1.2016Due to special filters we can compensate the inaccuracy of the GPS and also analyse the quality of the signal. Now it should be very easy to find your cat.

Test Cat

Unfortunately, we do not only have positive news. Our test cat Topolino was bitten and we had to bring him to the vet after his swelling and fever increased.


Luckily we were in the middle of the testing phase and we found him in time. After having his head shaved, receiving a drainage and taking antibiotics, he is now on the way to recover again. At the moment he is not allowed to leave the house, which he is not happy about at all but it’s his best.

Optimizing Production Costs

This month we have taken further measures to optimize the production costs of the petTracer set. There is also a small downside when using the most advanced and reliable components on the market: it comes with a price. But nevertheless we are moving in the right direction.

Contacts for Charging

In order to improve the battery charging cycle (faster charging) we are testing different kinds of metals and alloys. Gold contacts are obviously very interesting but the most expensive option.

Firmware Updates

We are currently testing a new software update function for the collar. This means that we could do updates on collars which are already in use. Through this enhancement additional features can be added in the future (like increased power management and accuracy) without much effort.

Power Management

We are now ready to undertake another assessment for oBatteryur power management. The aim is to analyse the behaviour of cats through our software. This will allow us to gain further insight to set the parameters more accurately.

Hopefully in the next update we can tell you more about the potential delivery date.

Kind regards,
Alan & Claudio