Project Upate March 2016

The temperature is rising, spring is knocking on the door and the clocks are soon to be set forward to summer time. Many cats are increasing their activity levels and cat lovers are concerned about the whereabouts of their pets. In recent weeks we have again received many letters from cat owners who found petTracer on the internet. Thank you all for the good ideas to improve and enhance the GPS cat collar. We are considering all of these options but for the first generation of collars we will focus on the implementation of the main functions.

Stress test

Another stress test is currently underway with the GPS Cat Collar. The aim is to test the robustness of the electronic components and flex print under the most adverse circumstances. The first test with the mounted flex-print was very successful. Even after several thousand twists the electronics were still fully functional.

Stresstest pettracer GPSKatzenhalsband

Different test scenarios (for both the¬†flex print as well as the¬†collar case, in cold, heat, humidity, …) will follow in the coming days and weeks. For once we can¬†profit from the current delays we are experiencing as the longer a test scenario runs, the¬†better¬†the¬†end¬†product.

Test cat

Topolino office sleeping

Our test cat¬†Topolino has recovered nicely in the meantime and is pleased with his regained freedom and being allowed to go outside again. He is very happy to¬†have got rid of the annoying cat ruff collar he had to wear a while ago. When he’s not on tour, he¬†gives¬†us¬†his full¬†“support” in the office. As best¬†as he can. ūüėČ

Topolino wearing pettracer GPS KatzenhalsbandTopolino_GPS_Katzenhalsband_Field


petTracer homeStation LogoLast week we met with our production partner again. We both managed to clarify important issues such as the gluing of plastic parts, engineering work on the safety buckle, labelling ideas and the sealing of the home station case. A lot of work has also been done towards the production processes and optimizing them. Even for such a successful and competent manufacturing partner as we have now, it is still a big challenge, since a considerable portion of innovation is needed to produce such a collar. We are currently experimenting with various design options, especially on how to include our logo. One idea is to integrate the petTracer logo directly into the plastic. Here we made a rudimentary Design using a 3D printer.


We have made a lot of progress and we will soon be able to fix the final production date. This much we already know. The production will definitely be done in batches and the very first batch is exclusively reserved for our loyal Indiegogo-Backers!

We wish you all a happy Easter and will update you again in April.

Kind regards
Alan & Claudio