Project Update August 2017

Successful Pre-Sale

There was a big run for our pre sale. We would like to thank everyone very much for this and also for believing in us. The pilot series is almost sold out and only a few collars are left. So if anybody else wants to have one by this year, you should order one as soon as possible. We are of course grateful for any recommendations.

You can visit our shop here: online store

Newspaper Article

On Friday 25.08.2017, the newspaper “Wohler Anzeiger” published a nice article about us. At this point a big thank you to Sabrina Salm. She wrote the article and ensured that it was published. For startup companies such publications are a very big help.

To read the article, please click on the picture (the article is only available in German)

Project Progress

We started with the purchasing of electronics. Furthermore, we are well on schedule with the tool manufacturing. The concept and the drawings have been created, the details verified. The tools are now physically being made.


In order to increase the GPS accuracy, we have implemented a “plausibility check”. By means of a quality filter, we evaluate how exact a GPS position is and decide whether it should be displayed or not. The larger the circle, the less accurate the position. The evaluation has shown that we achieve very good results even in the forest. This is very pleasing. The largest circles and thus most inaccurate measurements the collar was predominantly in the houses.

We wish everyone a nice week.
Alan & Claudio