Project Update January 2018

Impressions of Manufacturing

We got together with our manufacturer last week and are there again this week. We have now received all the necessary materials from our sub contractors. There was also a delay with the programming and test unit. Not everything worked according to plan from the beginning. This is an apparatus with about 10 devices and its own customized software. Pretty complicated but necessary. The issues have now been solved and it is fully working. The first 50 units (HomeStation & GPS cat collars) where programmed while we were there. Here are some impressions:

petTracer – GPS Cat Collar and HomeStation prints and cases

petTracer – GPS Cat Collar prints in test unit

petTracer – HomeStation prints in test unit

The assembly of the HomeStations was completed this week. We had no issues and everything went according to plan. So this is very good news and we can cross 50% off from our final production list!

An unexpected problem arose whilst programming and testing the collar prints in mass production. We did a lot of testing beforehand to prevent something like this from happening in the big production series but it seems there can never be enough testing! Our technical engineer has analyzed the problem and has now come up with a solution which will be implemented this week. In the end it wasn’t too bad. However, whenever something like this happens the whole production line has to stop until the problem is resolved.

Delivery Address

We would like to get the shipping documents ready for printing and it is very important to make sure that we have your correct shipping address by Monday 29.01.2018.

For Indiegogo backers please update your address directly in your Indiegogo profile. Here is a short description of how to proceed: Update Indiegogo address

For all pre sale customers please let us know via contact form if your shipping address has changed in the meantime. Please mention your transaction ID in the subject / message section: contact form

If your address hasn’t changed you DO NOT have to do anything.

Power Adapter

We have good news for all non Swiss & EU customers. We have managed to purchase power adapters suitable for your country (CH/EU/USA/ASIA). So you will be able to use your sets straight away without having to go and buy a plug adapter.

Kind regards,
Alan & Claudio