Project Update August 2018

As mentioned in our last newsletter we did migrate to a new newsletter software. As is often the case when changing over from one system to another, not everything worked perfectly and some of you did not receive our latest emails. Therefore, we created another update to ensure everyone is fully up to date with the latest news of petTracer.

What our customers say

We received a lot of customer feedback and would like to share this with our community. The first one we chose to share was from Mrs. K. She sent us her favorite picture of “Maxi”, her Bengal cat and had the following to say:

“So many Bengal owners keep their cats in the house or in an outer cage, fearing that they will get stolen. I find this very inappropriate for this type of cat.” Thanks to your GPS cat collar, owners of Bengal cats may now be persuaded to let their animals out. Congratulations on developing the petTracer cat collar, I really like it. I already owned another similar product but wasn’t fully convinced by it.”

Thank you very much Mrs. K. for your kind words and the permission to publish your favorite picture of Maxi.

Radio Locating

The petTracer GPS Cat Collar works with radio transmissions. This allows owners to find their cats in locations where no GPS signal can be received. This is, after the very short battery life, the second largest problem of all traditional GPS tracker products. A cat does not have to be monitored every minute. It is perfectly alright if there are times when one does not know where a cat is as long she reappears again at home. Only in about 1% of all cases is it an emergency and then the cat must be found as soon as possible. Even if trapped in a garage without GPS reception.

Although we are still working on the radio locating software, the hardware is already able to do this. We have a few customers who had already made use of this function and managed to find their cats again. But how does it work? The key is the “mobile HomeStation”. Most Smartphones can be used as a (WLAN) hotspot. You can find various instructions on the Internet, how this can be done. Both for Android devices as well as for other smartphones such as iPhones.

Power bank

Once the HomeStation is configured with the hotspot (WLan), connect it to a power bank (external battery with USB port). Now you can move around freely with the HomeStation and go searching for your cat. The data will now be forwarded via the mobile network to the petTracer server.

True, this is a bit more technical and the reason why we are working on a more user-friendly software solution. Nevertheless, the petTracer collar is currently the only GPS cat collar that allows you to locate your cat in places with no GPS signal reception.

We would like to take this opportunity to once again thank all our customers for your trust in us and your support. A big thank you also to all those who recommend our product to others.

If you would like to purchase a petTracer GPS Cat Collar, you can do so here: petTracer Online Shop or contact us via the contact form.

We are looking forward to numerous, further stories and pictures of happy cat owners.

Kind Regards,
Alan & Claudio