Project Update September 2018

This month we successfully completed our first production and we are now dedicating ourselves to the post-processing and improvements for the next production.

Unfortunately, the procurement of electronics for the upcoming production has been extremely time-consuming and costly. Although we are not a big market player in electronics shopping, we still get into the (negative) sides of “just in time” productions.

Anyone who is interested in what a “just in time” production is and why there are currently big supply bottlenecks can read about it in this article: EPS News.

However, there is nothing to worry about for our cat friends. In the last seven years we have already solved many more difficult tasks and we will overcome this problem too.

What our customers say

” Yesterday, for the first time, one of our cats didn’t come home, so I went looking for her. I found her under a staircase in front of a cellar entrance. Some dogs must have scared her. The petTracer GPS Cat Collar works wonderfully and we were very lucky that our cat was wearing the collar. “Great product, keep it up.”

Thank very much Mr. J. for your kind words and the permission to publish the picture of Batman on our websites.

If you would like to share your success story with us then please sent it to us together with a picture of your cat:

Collar too big?

Here is a tip in case your cat’s collar is too big.

The collar has a minimum circumference of 21.5 cm. It should never be “pulled together” over its natural size with the adjustment band. Otherwise excessive and permanent pressure is exerted on the safety buckle. The safety buckle will then open too quickly and easily.

If your cat has a relatively thin neck then it is better to “reduce” the radius of the collar. Use thick neoprene or foam tape. These are often used for sealing or isolation purposes and are available online or at hardware stores. The tape is attached to the inside of the collar. The thicker the band, the smaller the circumference of the collar becomes.

This method has proven to work very well.

Online Shop

If you would like to purchase a petTracer GPS Cat Collar, you can do so here: petTracer Online Shop or contact us via contact form.

Kind regards,
Alan & Claudio