Update April 2019

On 23.04.2019 we were informed that the companies Swiss Tracking Solution AG and HergTech AG, the manufacturer and distributor of Petpointer filed for bankruptcy.

Although this company had a name similar to ours it is NOT us. We are of course petTracer 🙂 and not Petpointer.

Although there now is one less competitor on the market it still hurts to see that a Swiss startup company has gone into liquidation. Even though we were competitors we both shared a common goal: to provide a solution for you to be able to locate your cat(s) reliably, quickly and easily.

We are the only Swiss startup company that offers a GPS collar for cats which also allows owners to locate their cats at places without GPS reception (thanks to the integrated radio search technology). We continue to offer a high-quality product which was developed and produced in Switzerland.

Many cat owners who have purchased a Petpointer with a subscription now own a useless product and have no chance of receiving a refund. We have therefore decided to offer former Petpointer customers a discount when purchasing a petTracer.

Please contact us through our contact form if you are interested: contact form

What our customers say

My cat Luna has epilepsy and needs medication in the morning and evening. Best for her is to take it always at the same time of the day. Unfortunately, this is not always possible as she is very happy being outside. Since Luna has been wearing the petTracer GPS cat collar I can locate her very easily and just need to walk to the shown position and call her. She then walks home with me.

Thanks to the petTracer GPS cat collar, the regular intake of her tablets is under control.
T. W. with Luna and Baghira

Kind regards
Alan & Claudio