Raising Capital

Our innovative way of raising capital

The idea is pretty simple. I have created a pixel wall, which can be used by companies and private people for advertising purposes. By purchasing shares (without voting power) of my company, you will receive an advertising space on my pixel wall for your company logo / image. The size depends on the number of shares bought.

One share (without voting power) is priced at 100 Swiss Francs. The minimum investment is therefore 100 Swiss Francs (one share). The shares are special shares, know in Switzerland as „Partizipationsscheine“ and the main idea is that they do not have any voting power (imagine if I had to organize a general meeting every year for several thousand shareholders holding one share each). For obvious reasons I cannot do this.

For every share (without voting power) purchased, investors will receive a space on my pixel wall for their logo or picture. In addition, this logo/picture can inherit a web link.

100 Swiss Francs = 1 share = 100 pixels (picture size 10×10)
200 Swiss Francs = 2 shares = 200 pixels (picture size 20×10) and so on.

These are some of the reasons why someone would invest in our company (pixel wall)

·        Cat lovers

You are a cat lover and owner and you have already been waiting for a very long time for such a product. With a GPS cat collar your fear of losing your cat will disappear. Or, you have unfortunately already lost a cat and would like to prevent this from happening again.

·        Fascinating technology

You are fascinated by evolving technology and want to be part of it. You are excited about analyzing facts and figures about your cat (covered distances, whereabouts etc).

·        Excitement about the project/Young entrepreneur

You love my idea of raising capital and would like to support a highly motivated entrepreneur on his road to success.

·        Product interest

You are already searching for such a product and you do not want to miss the chance of selling our product in the future (this does not count as a promise).

·        Online-Marketing

You know all about online marketing and are fully aware of the fact that traffic means everything when it comes to e-commerce. This, perhaps, is a very easy way to get high quality traffic to your website or a high quality back link.

·        Image-Improvement

There is a high chance that companies investing in my business and placing their logo on my pixel wall will notice an improved company image.