Project Update October 2018

This month we are proud to announce our new UK website:

We have already received a lot of positive feedback which makes us very happy indeed. David, our official partner in the UK, has invested a lot of time and effort into making this new website and the result is fantastic.

In addition we have launched our new Facebook page which was long overdue:

We are looking forward to many “likes” and shares of the page with your friends and family.

What our customers say

“We had been looking for a reliable tracking system for a long time for our two Burmese cats and we had invested a lot of money in bad and unreliable products.

Since using petTracer we have been much calmer. Even when we are on holidays we know where the cats are and our cat sitter just needs to charge the collar once in a while.”

Thank very much Mrs. M. for your kind words and the permission to publish your picture of Chippy and Nala on our websites.

If you would also like to share your success story with us then please sent it to us together with a picture of your cat wearing the petTracer:

Tip – Collar safety measure – add a phone number!

We would like to share another tip here to prevent a possible loss of the collar.
The idea of losing a GPS device definitely seems ironic at first. Isn’t it its main purpose to be found again and to make it possible to find a cat? So how is such a loss possible?

The petTracer GPS Cat Collar uses a safety buckle that opens when needed and this does happen – to protect your cat.

If your cat loses the collar in a neighbour’s garden or building, you may not be able to recover it yourself and the finder often does not know who the collar belongs to. Therefore, it has proven to be very useful to attach a phone number to the collar.

ATTENTION: Make sure not to cover up the white LED of the collar!

Option 1 – paper and tape
1. Write your phone number on a small piece of paper.
2. Attach it to the collar using transparent tape. This way the phone number is visible and waterproof thanks to the adhesive tape.

Option 2 – labeling machine

Labeling machines use a type of PVC film or plastic tape on which a phone number can be written. This label should be weather resistant and can be protected additionally with a transparent adhesive tape if necessary.

Option 3 – waterproof pen

The phone number can be written directly on the collar with a waterproof pen.

For the next production, we will consider the option of adding a label that can be used for attaching a phone number on the collar.

Online Shop

If you would like to purchase a petTracer GPS Cat Collar, you can do so here: petTracer Online Shop or contact us via contact form.

Kind regards,
Alan & Claudio