petTracer GPS Cat Collar

We had the perfect solution for developing and producing a low-cost and nearly maintenance free GPS cat collar, independent from mobile phone networks, and that came with an internet portal (digital map). This internet portal allows cat owners to track their cats online via PC or Smartphone, to visualize their cat’s current position and to record the covered distances.

The most important features of our GPS cat collar are:

  • up to 30 days batterie life (depending on the chosen operating mode)
  • patented energy management
  • high wearing comfort for cats
  • weighs approx. 30 grams
  • minimum collar circumference: approx. 21.5 cm
  • accelerometer
  • LED light (makes the search easier)
  • fully integrated electronics in the collar (no additional collar needed)
  • high precision GPS
  • can be worn on top of a tick collar
  • strong and water resistant, suitable for all weather conditions
  • optimized for rural and suburban areas (not designed and tested in cities)
  • comes with a standard safety-buckle
  • live tracking
  • visualisation of the cats natural territory
  • email messages
  • and a lot more

Further news regarding our collar can be found here: news.


A subscription from the company petTracer is needed in order to use the petTracer GPS Cat Collar Set.