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Please note that we are sold out and cannot accept further orders at the moment. The next production is planned for spring 2018. Please fill in the contact form if you would like to be kept up to date via our newsletter.

You will find the factsheet for our product (PDF version) here: petTracer Factsheet.

petTracer GPS Cat Collar Set
petTracer GPS Cat Collar Set
petTracer GPS Cat Collar (in anthracite), receiver/charger (in anthracite), power adapter (2-pol CH plug) and mini-USB cable (in black), 433MHz radio antenna, adjustment band (in dark blue), universal hook (in silver), "Quick Start Guide"- Handbook (subscripiton sold separately).


If the delivery takes place outside of Switzerland, further duties, taxes or charges may be payable by the customer, not to the supplier but to the customs and tax authorities responsible there for. The customer is advised to inform himself about the details with the customs or tax authorities before placing an order.

Please find the warranty specifications for our products here: Warranty Specification

An additional collar for an additional cat can only be used in combination with a petTracer GPS Cat Collar Set.

Additional petTracer GPS Cat Collar
Additional petTracer GPS Cat Collar
Additional GPS Cat Collar (subscripiton sold separately).


petTracer – Subscription

A subscription from the company petTracer is needed in order to use the “petTracer GPS Cat Collar Set”. This subscription can also be purchased later, when the collar is registered for use in the web portal.

petTracer - Main Subscription (12 months)
petTracer - Main Subscription (12 months)
Needed for the first collar.


For each additional cat collar an additional subscription is needed.

petTracer – Additional Subscription

petTracer Subscription - Additional Collar
petTracer Subscription - Additional Collar
The main subscription is needed for the first collar. An additional subscription is needed for each additional collar.

If you wish to purchase a 2, 3 or 4 year subscription then please place your order WITHOUT a subscription and contact us via Email: Here is an overview of the subscription fees.

Subscription Fee Overview

12 months, CHF 108.- (CHF 9.- per month)
24 months, CHF 192.- (CHF 8.- per month)
36 months. CHF 252.- (CHF 7.- per month)
48 months, CHF 288.- (CHF 6.- per month)