August 2012, Monthly Review

Share Sale Achievement

Despite August being the holiday month of the year, we still managed to sell 700 pixels on the pixel wall as well as receiving reservation for several thousand more pixels. The new logos will be uploaded in the first week of September. This is very exciting news as it means that our pixel wall is picking up speed again :).

However, we do appreciate it very much and are very grateful for every recommendation we receive through our followers and friends. If you do happen to know companies or people who would be interested in our product and seeing their logos on our pixel wall, then please refer them to our website,, where they can get more information about petTracer. Thank you very much.

A Record +1000 Website Visitors per Month!

This month we broke our record of highest website visitors again. We received more than 1000 hits on our websites (German and English). This is exactly what we need and want as it means the petTracer brand is receiving more and more recognition in the World.

Functional Model

We have been asked several times by pixel friends and potential investors if we own a Cat Collar Prototyp. To be honest, we have always answered this question with “no”. But actually we do own a “Prototype Cat Collar”, we simply do not call it that way. It is not a GPS Cat Collar in itself but rather a functional model. On the left side you can see an actual picture of our “cat collar transmitter“.

We built this device in order to be able to execute tests and gain experience needed to develop our technical solution for the actual GPS Cat Collar. What many people don’t understand and know is that a GPS is actually very inaccurate and the overall precision (assuming best conditions) comes to approximately 10m. This may seem ok on first sight, however this inaccuracy works out to be an area of more than 310m2 (area = r2xPi).

The accuracy can be improved with special software (for example in a navigation system in a car) which “predicts“ the correct position. The software “takes a guess” that the car is driving on the street and not 5 meters next to it. But this kind of solution is not suitable for cat tracking. We are proud to say that we have also found a technical solution for this problem.

And just in case you were wondering, we did consult our engineers before publishing this article, and they have confirmed that we are not publishing any confidential technical data that could be used by possible copy cats.

Cat Jokes

A cat enters an ice cream bar, orders a double chocolate ice cream and leaves again. Says a woman to the waiter: “how bizarre!” The waiter nods in agreement: “true, usually she orders a strawberry ice cream!”