Project Update March 2017

News regarding prototype production

We have good news! In the last update we reported a production delay of the cat collar due to a supply shortage. The components were being held up at customs but they have  arrived and the collar electronics are now fully manufactured. The Homestation (receiver) had already been successfully put into operation in the meantime. Last week, we were able to get the collar working with the new firmware.

Testing, testing, testing….

And now it is time for the final tests! As we implemented a lot of changes in the electronics, we cannot do without them, especially as these tests had proven to be extremely valuable for the previous prototypes. The hardware test has already been successfully completed. Now we will proceed with the stress tests. These test the product for its robustness and longevity. Afterwards the user tests (mini field test, the cats carrying the collars) and the user experience (web portal test) tests will follow. The final mini field test will be carried out over Easter.

Next Steps

At the same time we will be discussing the next steps for the pilot series with our manufacturer, sign the appropriate contracts and order the needed tools. Tooling is now the most time intensive aspect and our last bottleneck. We will also take care of the material purchase at an early stage so that we will not experience any unpleasant surprises again. We are now very well on our way and after successful tests over Easter things will move very quickly. We will finally be able to celebrate the delivery to our loyal Indiegogo customers. We look forward to publishing another update soon.

Kind regards
Alan & Claudio