Project Update Mai 2016

The interest in our petTracer GPS Cat Collar remains very high. Since our previous newsletter several hundred new people have expressed an interest in our project; and this without any advertising on our side. It is exciting to know that a lot of our enquiries come from abroad.

Current situation

We have taken another major step with¬†regard¬†to¬†the¬†collar production¬†process. It requires a high degree of innovation and close cooperation with our suppliers in order to develop an appropriate solution. The challenge is to¬†close the collar¬†and make it¬†waterproof (specifically the case in which the electronics¬†are¬†located).¬†A¬†suitable way¬†and design had to be found¬†by¬†which it is possible to build up sufficient pressure¬†to fit together¬†the¬†flexible components.¬†Not¬†a¬†very easy¬†task,¬†as¬†it is¬†nearly¬†impossible to create counter-pressure “inside”¬†the collar. And if this wasn’t¬†difficult enough¬†already, the¬†process also had to be cost-effective and suitable¬†for¬†automated¬†manufacturing.

3D Print

We are constantly working on improving and harmonizing the design of our¬†HomeStation¬†(charger¬†and¬†receiver).¬†This is where a¬†3D printer¬†comes in very handy. We have asked our prototype partner if he could provide us with a short video of the¬†creation¬†of¬†a¬†HomeStation. As a¬†somewhat funny side note, his comment was, that if they need additional tools for their 3D printer, they could easily create the parts… with their own 3D printer. Usefull! :).

Energy Efficiency

Detailed overall tests have shown that we achieve good energy efficiency values but there is still great potential for improvement. In other words, we are not yet satisfied. Therefore we were forced to review fundamental transmission protocols again. Unfortunately the original protocols used were too large and complex, consuming too much energy. Now we are on the right track and everything has been worked out very cleanly and professionally. In the future it will be much easier to implement additional features and enhancements.


With several thousand interested cat owners on our waiting list, the pressure on the delivery of the product continues to increase. We have also received several requests from large and reputable companies expressing an interest in an alternative application or add-on. This of course is flattering to us but we must not lose sight of our main objective, namely to bring the first GPS collar for cats on the market, which can be used safely and effectively. And finally, to deliver a petTracer set to our loyal Indiegogo backers.

We wish you all a great day!

Kind regards
Alan & Claudio