Project Update July 2018

We are back with an update¬†about¬†the¬†petTracer¬†GPS Cat Collar. Since our last newsletter intense and exciting months have passed. We were amazed at the¬†number of¬†enquiries¬†regarding¬†the whereabouts of our newsletter. We were aware¬†of having¬†many readers on our list¬†but we did not realize it was so popular. That’s a very nice¬†acknowledgement.

Delivery of Indiegogo clients and pre-sales 2017

At the end of May, the final delivery of the petTracer SET took place, which we had sold through Indiegogo and our pre-sale. In the meantime we have already sold and delivered countless more and still continue to do so.
The plentiful positive feedback shows us that we were able to successfully implement our concept of the¬†petTracer¬†GPS Cat Collar. We’ve definitely come up with a solution that will give cat lovers the best possible support to find their¬†cats again¬†or simply know where they love to go and roam about.

Continuous updates and improvements to the petTracer web portal

With a lot of feedback from our¬†registered customers¬†we were able to continuously¬†improve¬†the web portal to the¬†specific¬†needs of¬†our users. With our IT experts¬†we were able to develop a stable solution and can proudly look¬†upon¬†a¬†high system availability. So far¬†there has been no “server downtime” and attempts of¬†hackers have successfully been¬†prevented.

Website РRedesign

Over the past few weeks we have redesigned our corporate website and updated it with the latest information about the petTracer GPS Cat Collar. We have also linked the new website: to our web shop. With the integration of a payment service provider we can now also accept credit card payments.


Due to the ongoing implementation¬†and migration¬†of our¬†new¬†company¬†website and newsletter software¬†we were not able to tell everyone¬†we¬†know about yet another newspaper article appearing¬†in the¬†“Handelszeitung”.¬†This is a Swiss national commercial newspaper targeting readers interested in economics, trading and commerce. Even though the article is only available in German you can still have a look if you want. The article was written by Sira Huwiler. The photo was¬†taken¬†by¬†Herbert Zimmermann.¬†We think both did a great job. Especially taking pictures of cats together with people¬†can be¬†very difficult. Thank¬†you¬†very¬†much!

Big Thank you!

We would like to thank our customers, some of whom have been with us for many years, and wish them all much joy and safety with the petTracer GPS Cat Collar. Of course, we look forward to every referral and to even more petTracer customers.

Kind regards,
Claudio & Alan