Project Update November 2016

pettracer_topolino_am_streckenTechnical Update

This update is of a more technical nature. After the completed field test we invested the past month to carrying out all corrections and optimization work.

Print Layout

The print layout (layout of the electronic components such as the GPS module, microprocessor etc.) was subjected to another redesign. Most importantly we had to remove the pressure points caused by the case on sensitive parts (to prevent them from getting damaged). We now also use much smaller components where possible which gives us a margin to play with.

Glue tests

The case material used for the prototypes proved to pettracer_setsbe a weak point (we were aware of this but we had hoped for a bit more durability). In addition, the case was not waterproof which was certainly a disadvantage in the rainy summer days. However, we have now successfully implemented the gluing process using the final case material. The difficulty was to find a suitable glue and to develop a glue process which is financially affordable in the main production. When gluing, the two parts must be pressed together but since we cannot create a “counterpressure” in the inside of the collar, this turned out to be difficult.

Tooling design

Since all “innovation processes” are now developed, we were able to continue with the design of the tools. In close cooperation with the manufacturer we have created the necessary CAD-Files (Computer Aided Design) and defined the requirements in order to manufacture them shortly. This also includes the molding parts for the HomeStation case. It is very important not to make any mistakes at this point as these tools are very expensive and will be used for the next few thousand petTracer sets.


Christmas Outlook

With the new print design we can now produce improved quality prints and use them as prototypes. These prototypes will be subject to final tests (stress and reliability tests). This is necessary since we have made a complete redesign. We do not want to risk any further unpleasant surprises in the future.

The bad news is that after completing these tests we are expecting to do some additional changes (in real life something always comes up which had been overlooked in theory). Therefore, we will not be able to produce the collars before the end of this year.

The good news is that after having completed these tests, more or less everything is set up to manufacture the pilot-series and to deliver the collars to our Indiegogo backers.

Kind regards,
Alan & Claudio